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While monitored alarms will trip when something happens,  they will not tell you whether what
happened requires a police response right now.       Security camera systems will tell you what
happened,  but  not until  it has already  happened,  unless your alarm and camera systems are
integrated and monitored.  

A  recent  arrival  in  the  U.S.,  
Videofied  fills  this  major  gap in security  between  traditional  
monitored alarms systems and camera surveillance systems.  It is already being widely used in
many parts of the world in place of  separate alarm and camera systems.   
Here's how it works:

Videofied  is  an  alarm  system  utilizing  small  cameras  with  onboard  motion  detectors  and
infrared illuminators for night vision.
    When the motion detector senses motion,  the camera
records a  10 - second video clip of what tripped the motion.     This video clip is then instantly
sent to a central monitoring station where operators can determine whether it is a  false alarm
or real threat.  Once the threat is verified police will give it a high priority, often apprehending
the perpetrators while still on site.

The system can incorporate from one to over 20 motion cams indoors and out.    It can also be
used with an existing alarm system.   
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