Integration of your alarm system and security camera system can deliver
immediate video verification to the central station after hours,  reducing  
false alarms.   Our central station operators  can  get  police  dispatched  
more quickly to  the business in cases of verified alarms, and you are no
longer called unnecessarily about  false alarm events.
System integration is the interconnection of any  two or more of your security systems so that they
can work together as a team in concert with your central monitoring station.    There are numerous
applications  for  system  integration.     Just a few of the most typical examples are shown below.
For your own safety and the safety of your employees, integration of your  
security  camera system with our central monitoring station can allow you
to place a call to the monitoring station and request  that  they watch you
until you get safely into your car.
You  are  alone at  your business and  just  before  closing  time  a  person
enters  your premises  that  gives  you an  uneasy  feeling.  You  discreetly
press a
suspicion alarm button and  your  alarm  system quietly alerts  our  
monitoring center that you
might need help.   This integration of alarm and
CCTV allows an operator to see the premises
and talk to you.   We pretend
to just be doing a routine check,  but we have an immediate connection to

the police.    
Your late-arriving guest is no longer likely to try anything.
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System Integration
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