Honeywell makes a wide range of panels that will serve every need from
the most basic to the highest-end demands of your security applications.
Your security demands may exceed the capabilities of a self-contained wireless system.
If so, then consider a hardwired system.  Now a days the sensing devices on a hardwired
system need not be all hardwired.  In fact, they could all be wireless.  Hardwired systems:
*  Can be hybridized with a mix of hardwired and wireless devices;
*  Offer a wide choice of keypads for every need and preference;
*  Allow the communications circuitry to be located in a place removed
from the keypad(s), decreasing the possibility of system tampering;
*  Can be partitioned to act like more than one system, saving on monitoring costs;
*  Do not require batteries for devices that are hardwired; and
*  Allow location of the siren(s) away from the keypad.
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