All security camera systems are definitely not created equal.  While there are certainly exceptions
where a packaged security camera kit will serve the end user's needs, a great deal of benefit can
be gained by considering  the following  factors before  investing in any  security camera system.
  •  What will the system be used for?
  •  Who will operate it?
  •  What is the purpose of each camera?
  •  What will any recorded video be used for?
  •  What does each camera really need to see?
  •  How far does the camera need to see during the day?  
  •  How about at night?
  •  What kind of illumination will be available for the cameras to see at night?
  •  Will the camera be indoors our outdoors?
  •  Will recorded and/or live image zoom enhancement be needed?
  •  Will remote access to the images be needed via the internet?
  •  If so, how many people will need remote access?
  •  What levels of system access will each person need?
  •  Will security of the system equipment itself be an issue?
  •  Will the video ever need to be monitored by a central monitoring station?
Carefully considered answers to these questions can ensure that your money goes to bringing you
the level of satisfaction you expect from your security budget.   Our trained consultants are here
to help you determine what you really  need so that you are  satisfied with the  end result.    It's not
about what we want to sell you.   It's about what you really need and can justify spending money on.
Let our  experienced consultants  help you  to select  the right recording equipment,  camera types
and system layout to help you meet your needs now and in the future.
We believe in lasting customer relationships.
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